Friday, October 16

This weekend Ten & I are going to her bank to turn all of the coins we've been collecting into bills. We think that in about 2 years time we have amassed over $500, but we're not positive. I can't wait to see the look on the bankers' faces when we stroll in with 6 heavy yogurt buckets full. They will say something sarcastic, and then I will put my elbow down on the counter, slowly take the piece of hay out of mouth, look past my cowboy hat's brim into their eyes, and say, "It's legal tender, y'all. Ten, go out to the hitching post and fetch me my musket." Can't wait.

Other activities for the weekend include getting snow tires on my car and giving Boo treats when Ten's not looking. The weekend will be cut short early Sunday morning because guess who's on call again.

A Haiku:

Ten turns 31
Next Sunday. A Ten-der age,
That's not, now is it?

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