Monday, November 23

Thanksgiving Time

On Saturday evening, we fiancees had a dinner party that included FOUR courses. We were practicing for Thanksgiving, and I'd say we did rather well. I made two quiches which were to die for. Ten made a meatloaf which was kind of blah. Boo came downstairs to socialize for a few minutes, about which Ten and I were very proud. She didn't even draw any blood. (We've recently taken the crayons away from her.)

Today I have 3-4 hours of internal medicine orientation and then I'm ON VACATION! Yes!! My parents arrive tonight after flying into Manchester. I have the mints on their pillows and all of my illicit drug paraphernalia hidden away. (At this point, I would just like to boast that I spelled paraphernalia correctly on my first try, despite being a druggie.) Tomorrow, Ten's parents arrive. Excitement is in the air.

Speaking of excitement, my brother sent Ten and me a hefty check to celebrate our engagement in splendor!! He's dear, dear, dear. We are debating how to celebrate. Perhaps The Tip Top Cafe in White River Junction, an establishment we cannot afford.

However, Ten has jury duty today, and if she takes bribes as I've instructed her, we may have in our future a growing list of establishments we can afford.


marlowe said...

oh no! spam!

marlowe said...
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marlowe said...

that was me! (faith) wtf?