Friday, November 20


I have lost the ability to sit still in class and listen. For instance, I'm in class right now. My new hobby is walking up to my classmates with a tube of Mentos and offering one while saying, "Do us all a favor." I'm good at making friends.

Now I am surrendering the keyboard to my classmate Perdodo who is sitting next to me (and who is reading a Dan Brown novel): Haaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Eloquently said, Perdodo. Here's a shout-out to Avneedles, who has recently discovered my blog.

Ten is bringing Boo down this weekend and I get to keep Boo for a week. YES! I've been wanting some more one-on-one time with Boo in order to brainwash her into liking me more than Ten. (It's not hard. I mix treats into her food bowl.) Saturday evening we are having an elegant dinner party: beer and meatloaf. Ten and I are also going to work on our 11x17 Christmas card which all of you will be receiving.

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Faith said...

oh my god, now I really want beer and meatloaf. Damn you.