Monday, April 5


Having received rather hostile criticism from blog readers and my mother alike, I see that it is time to update.

First of all, Christ has risen. I awoke at Ten's Sunday morning with a smile, flew out of bed, scurried down the stairs in sockfoot to see what was in my Easter basket, and... discovered that not only had Ten not filled my Easter basket, but she hadn't even gotten me an Easter basket. No basket. No chocolate. No egg hunt. Someone's thoughtfulness needs a little rebirth this spring, if you know what I mean.

Here are some pictures of our Easter meal:

Saturday night, Ten and I went to the Black Sheep in Vergennes, site of one of our first dates. We continue to love going there despite the fact that, immedidately following every meal, one of us suffers intense GI distress.

Looking back, I spent most of Easter weekend on my soapbox (topics: Catholic priests, abortion, proper training of cats, Seventh Day Adventists, watercress), which is my very favorite place to be.

Today begins my third week of family medicine in Wells River, VT. I have learned how to draw blood, do a rapid strep test, talk to county prisoners, attempt a fetal U/S, remove skin tags, perform anoscopy, aspirate post-patellar fluid, do a shoulder injection, and perform cryotherapy on skin cancers. It's fun, minus the rectal exams, which really aren't fun for anyone. Also minus (also minus?) the drive up to Wells River, which is a healthy 45min if one drives the speed one is supposed to.

Would anyone care to know my probable fall/winter schedule? Here it is:

July: sub-internship in neurology
August: sub-internship in internal medicine
September: month off to study for Step 2
October: radiology at DHMC
November: neuropathology at Fletcher Allen in Burlington
December: rheumatology at Tulane in New Orleans and break

This is this blog's 501st post.


stone_reader said...

You had GI distress without me?!

Anonymous said...

hello! does OTP ever get a holler back?!!!!!! a little something about how you spent easter was left out!

oh, and you should visit oakland in september.