Tuesday, May 11

Some Updates

Pediatrics is just about as boring as I had expected. I'm living in Nashua in a 3-bedroom apartment with 4 male roommates. Do I need to express how I feel about this arrangement?

Today my eyes were scanning my preceptor-for-the-day's office and they settled on his bookshelf. The books housed there had the most amazing range of titles that I just had to write them down to share with you. Here's the list:

A Light in the Attic
All the President's Men
The World's Best Dirty Jokes
1983 Auto Buying Guide Issue
England and Scotland on $25 A Day

I have a pounding headache, perhaps secondary to the veritable cornucopia of wailing children I saw in the office today.

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Faith said...

The image of a cornucopia of wailing children - like one of those baskets they always have pictures of on greeting cards at thanksgiving, except with screeching infants instead of pumpkins? - is extremely striking.