Tuesday, May 4

TBF and K-Dawg's visit was a smashing success. We went to King Arthur Flour, the Norwich Pub at the Inn, the Norwich farmers' market, Queechee Gorge, Woodstock, the Long Trail Brewery, a homemade raft race, a glass-blowing studio, Vermont's most photographed waterfall, Waitsfield/Warren, and the Ben and Jerry's factory.

Tomorrow is my final day of family medicine. Next is pediatrics, which I am, admittedly, dreading. Although I know I used to be one of them, I can't help resenting children for their self-centeredness and questionable, if creative, morality. I'll have to spend the first three weeks of the rotation in Nashua, NH. This is bad because it's Nashua, NH, but good because I'll be only an hour away from Rocky South in Jamaica Plain. What's more, this is the final clerkship of my third year, so I'm just going to burn through this bad boy.

Today I will get my end-of-clerkship hair cut. I proposed letting my hair grow, but both TBF and Ten nixed the idea.

I have to admit: I was hoping the Times Square would-be-bomber would be some crazy, right-wing tea bagger.

Mom and Dad: Please let me know if you want me to fly home and help you wash the oil out of your hair. The dogs too.

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Bridget said...

Nashua New Hampshire is home of the Bartlett family. (Of West Wing variety...in case you're not a psycho like I am!) That's something to be excited about!