Friday, February 25

Welcome, 2011!

It has been brought to my attention by several well-meaning blog readers that I haven't posted since 2010. Here we go!

Fourth year medical students' rank lists were due this past Wednesday at 9pm. At the risk of letting everyone know that I didn't get my first choice come March 17, here's my first few ranks:
1. Michigan (Ann Arbor)
2. UNC (Chapel Hill)
3. Wisconsin (Madison)
4. UVA (Charlottesville)

Saturday Ten and Allegory and Cord-en-bleu and I went to Topnotch Spa & Resort in Stowe for a full Spa Day, complete with treatments and poolside drinks. I had never been to a spa before, and I was surprised by a number of the unreasonable rules, such as the prohibitions on stuffing handfuls of extra toiletries in one's bag and on peeing in the jacuzzi. The best part was that my masseuse had the same voice as Paula Poundstone.

Did anyone see Donald Rumsfeld on The Daily Show on Wednesday night? Through his lies and dissembling, he was almost... likable.

Wednesday was Ten's and my four-year anniversary. Four years! It feels like forty. Forty long, grueling years.

Would anyone like to buy a charming end unit in Vermont? I know of one for sale.

Good riddance, DOMA.


Faith said...

Paula Poundstone! OMG. I saw her live a long, long time ago. High school? It would have had to have been early high school. In Peekskill. We met her after the show and I think my friend Chris must still have somewhere the pepsi can she autographed for him...

EnoughFigCookies said...

Ten and I have tickets to see her in May!