Wednesday, April 20


Dearest Blogreaders,

I am so sorry for the lapse in time since my last post. And so much has happened!

- Ten and I matched to the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) - our first choice! We celebrated by going out to lunch and then driving to Farmway and buying $200 worth of SmartWool socks.
- We went out to Ann Arbor a few weeks ago and found a house we adore. The sellers just accepted our bid and we are due to close in late May. Eek!! And, Blogreaders, there's a guest room!
- Eerily enough, the sellers moved to Ann Arbor (and into the house we're buying) 42 years ago from CHARLOTTE, VT, where Ten lives! (Population: about 3-4000)
- Ten saw a fox and 5 kits outside her window a couple of days ago, so now Boo is an exlusively indoor cat.
- Boo's p!$$ed that she doesn't have a blog name. Literally. She's been peeing extra hard.
- Ten and I are pretty sure that we're going to take a pre-wedding honeymoon. Stay tuned for details.
- Two more weeks until our big Southern Plantation Extravaganza in Louisiana, hosted by my wonderful parents.
- Watch this:
- I have three more days of medical school. THREE MORE DAYS!
- For graduation, Ten bought me a new computer, a Dell 14R (blue). I love it so much. I may decide to marry it instead of Ten. (J/K, Ten! Thx 4 da gift.)

With sincere apologies and embarrassment,


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Faith said...

HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! pre-wedding honeymoon sounds like a hell of a good idea to me.